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Weighing Systems and Controls

Precision is paramount in the manufacturing industry, and our cutting-edge weighing systems and controls are engineered to exceed your expectations. From the moment raw materials arrive to the final product leaving your facility, our solutions play a pivotal role in maintaining accuracy and optimizing processes. 

Why Choose Our Solutions? 

Accuracy Redefined


Unlock a realm of advanced weighing technology with Progressive Scale. Our expertise spans accurate database data collection, seamless barcode scanning, efficient label printing, precise parts counting, and seamless systems integration, among other capabilities.

Increased Effciency 


Immerse yourself in a world where our networked scales and devices are ingeniously configured to cater to diverse needs. Curious about monitoring the activities of a scale situated across the globe? We've got you covered. Need to streamline your production process by filling, mixing, and adjusting recipes based on meticulous formulas? Count on us to make it happen.

Customized Solutions


Picture this: accurately counting parts by weight, seamlessly printing customer-specific labels, and effortlessly syncing the data back to your ERP system. Yes, we can do that too. At Progressive Scale, we're not just about weighing; we're about elevating your processes with precision and efficiency.

Want to Learn More? 

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