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  • Package includes: RoughDeck HP 4 ft × 4 ft × 3.5 in floor scale, 20 ft of hostile environment load cell cable, quick disconnect and 380 indicator
  • Package is factory-calibrated for 5,000 divisions


  • Heavy-duty design with structural steel under support
  • Four NTEP certified alloy steel shear beam load cells
  • Side-access JB4SS TuffSeal® junction box


  • LCD display
  • Communication ports


For Inquires Call 203-792-2854 or contact 

RoughDeck® Rough-n-Ready System, Floor Scale and 380 Indicator

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Options:

    -Scale PKG, Rough-n-Ready 4x4-5k Roughdeck HP/380 Synergy Factory Calibrated

    -Scale PKG, Rough-n-Ready 4x4-10k Roughdeck HP/380 Synergy Factory Calibrated

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