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Counting Scale and Label Systems

UAS4300 Programmable Counting Scale Label System

Download UAS4000 Counting Scale System Brochure


The UAS4300 Counting Scale System is fully configurable. The standard system can be set up to prompt for any data you wish as well as print any label you wish. There is no limit to how many different label designs and fields you can come up with. Connect to a network for shared data and reporting.

Progressive has also made custom versions of this platform for manufacturers all over the world to manage all kinds of custom tasks such as


Scale Integration with Oracle Databases

Integrate scales with injection molding presses

Automate parts filling of boxes off stamping presses

Integrate with laboratory balances for very small parts

Scale integration with SQL and other databases

Scale integration with web services

Scale integration with vision inspection systems

Scale integration with bar code scanners

Packaged Inventory System

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